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Thursday, November 16, 2006

I was at a Target store in Denver today and was able to play the floor model Playstation 3. I was surprised that there was not a crowd around the display. I was the only one playing it. I really like the redesigned controller. The analog sticks feel very responsive and the changing of L2 and R2 to shoulder triggers feels quite nice. They also added a PS symbol like guide button to the controller. The guide button does not activate from a quick press, which is nice. I've hit the guide button quickly by accident on the Xbox 360 and it takes you to the dashboard. I've hit the guide button on the 360 when I didn't mean to and it kind of took me off guard and threw me off my game. On the PS3 you need to press and hold it for a couple seconds before it brings up your options. I don't think the tilt sensor was working or was disabled for this model.

I played Motorstorm and a demo on NBA 07. NBA 07 was kind of bland. However Motorstorm looked incredible. The steering was a bit difficult since the level I was racing on was a canyon and it was quite easy to drive off the edge. I was reading this game used the tilt sensor to steer and I was trying to turn the controller left and right to turn but it had no effect on the game. This was probably due to the face the controller was secured to the display. I was able to slightly turn it left and right but it might not have been enough to register on the sensor for it to make my car turn.

The system menus are also quite easy to navigate and uses the same layout as the PSP. You have your games menu, friends menu, internet menu and so on. So if you have a PSP you'll be able to navigate the menus with ease.

Overall I was impressed with the overall hardware and Motorstorm was quite fun. However there are no launch games that are must haves for me so I will wait until some more games come out before I decide to get one.

The Nintendo sales rep was also there and was setting up the Wii display but I didn't have time to wait around to try it. Hopefully there will be a display Wii at the local Target store pretty soon.


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