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Monday, May 01, 2006

Tomb Raider Is Back

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The Tomb Raider series has had its share of problems. The major one being that the last good game in the series(Tomb Raider 2) came out almost 10 years ago. Everything since has been mediocre at best. Finally Tomb Raider Legend has come out and the series is now finally back on its feet.


The graphics on the 360 version are crisp, clean and beautiful. The ruins you explore feel and look excellent. Also the character model of Lara is greatly improved and moves very fluidly unlike in the other games where she was very rigid.


The sound overall is very well done with the exception of the voice acting. The voice acting for me felt very cheesy and lame. The story is not all that great either. The environmental sounds and ambient sounds are very well done though.


The controls are quite responsive and the camera system and movement system work well and have little to no learning curve. The game controls in a similar fashion to the Prince of Persia games as far as movement and jumping across gaps does. Also a nice touch is finding treasures and actually exploring tombs again. The other games put you in locales that had little or nothing to do with exploring tombs. Legend feels and plays a lot more like the originals which is a good thing since it is the essence of exploring and raiding tombs.


Overall Tomb Raider Legend is very good. The only downside in my opinion was the lame voice acting and dialogue. This game is definitely worth the rental.

The Good:

The series is back and you are actually exploring tombs again.

The Bad:

Voice acting is quite lame and the dialogue is poorly written.

The Ugly:

It took four terrible Tomb Raider games to get to this point. Hopefully the cycle will not continue and the future Tomb Raider games will all be on the level that Legend is.

Score: 8/10


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