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Monday, May 08, 2006

Part of The MGS 4 Script...Holy Crap!

From Here

Snake: War has changed.

Snake: Our time has ended.

Snake: Our war is over.

Campbell: Since the Manhattan incident, restrictions on military intervention in foreign countries have eased, fueling demand for mercenaries.

Campbell: Today, the world's wars depend largely on PMCs, private military companies whose business includes supplying these mercenaries.

Campbell: PMCs have become a serious threat to the world.

Snake: The U.S. has exported too much of its military power. Now she's paying the price.

Campbell: In total, they've got enough manpower to rival the U.S. military.

Campbell: Based on our investigation, the five largest PMCs are run by a dummy corporation, which acts as a single mother company.

Snake: And the mother company...?

Campbell: Outer Heaven.

Snake: The one world in which soldiers will always have a place.."

Outer Heaven is back! And I'm willing to bet Liquid Ocelot has a hell of a lot to do with it. Since Liquid takes control of Ocelot from time to time and Liquid was trying to get soldiers the respect they deserve like Big Boss did with Outer Heaven. Shit, Kojima is really going all out!


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