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Saturday, May 27, 2006

New Super Mario Bros

New meets old in this great addition to the DS library. New Super Mario Bros takes the classic Mario formula and adds to it in new and creative ways, all of them fun.

Graphics: Mario looks great on the DS. The environments are all very colorful and look great on the DS.

Sound: Your standard Mario sounds and music are included. A lot of the classic Mario tunes can be heard in the game in a remixed kind of way.

Gameplay: Pure and simple platforming at its best. You can't get better than this. The game plays like a standard Mario platformer but there are new and creative ways to play as well. You can become a super sized Mario and smash through bricks or you can become a mini Mario and get into very tight areas. Also the leaning platforms are interesting. You walk on them and they will tip in the direction with the most weight on that side. Also the tightropes are well done. The gameplay is simple and great. The game provides all the stuff that made the original Mario games so great and adds to that formula to create a new experience.

Overall: New Super Mario Bros is great. It provides all the great 2D platforming you could ever want and spices it up with some new elements. Mario is back to his roots and it does not get better than this.



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