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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Commandos Strike Force = A Total Piece of Crap

I just played the demo of Commandos Strike Force for the PS2 and it is a total piece of crap. First of all they take what was an awesome strategy game on the PC and turn it into a crappy first person shooter. Like we need any more World War 2 first person shooters. Secondly the graphics look like total crap. The visuals are all bad. The textures are blocky, blurry and look like crap. Thanks for changing what was an awesome franchise into a total piece of crap Eidos. Here is how the marketing meeting went when this game was being planned:

Eidos Executive #1 "Console gamers don't want a strategy game, what should we do?"

Eidos Executive #2 "Lets make it a lame ass first person shooter...console fans love those."

Eidos Executive #1 "What should we call it?"

Eidos Executive #2 "How about Commandos? Players already know the series and they'll buy it because it is called Commandos."

Eidos Executive #1 "Brilliant!"

Again thanks for Eidos for ruining what was a great strategy game and turning it into just another World War 2 first person shooter.(And a really bad and ugly one at that.)


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