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Monday, February 20, 2006

European Version of Black...The Demo Does Not Do This Game Justice

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I've been playing the import Playstation 2 version of Black. The demo version does not do this game justice. The first level is basically the demo. The second mission is a lot longer, a lot harder and offers a lot more stuff to blow up. You start off in a jungle like environment and have to find the border crossing and cross it. There are several vehicles you can blow up, gas containers, exploding barrels and a ton of other stuff to destroy. The mission took me about 35 minutes to beat. The other levels are quite long as well. Also each level has a bunch of primary and secondary objectives. On the easy difficulty you only need to complete the primary objectives. On normal you need to complete the primary objectives as well as a few secondary ones. There are plenty of secondary objectives. This adds some replay value to the game since there is no multiplayer. Right now I'm on the third mission which starts off with you running through a cemetery avoiding sniper fire. Despite there being no multiplayer this game is pretty sweet. It might not be worth a purchase because the lack of any multiplayer or Xbox Live support but it is definitely worth a rental.


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