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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Black Demo(Holy Destructible Environments Batman!)

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In the latest issue of the Official Xbox Magazine(March Issue #55) includes a playable demo of Black. The demo starts you off in a war torn city with a shotgun and a pistol. You start off in a small room and you need to blast a door down to proceed. The amount of stuff you can destroy is incredible. You can shoot out windows, blow up furniture, blow cars up, and so much more. The controls took a little getting used to after playing Halo 2 for so long but after a few minutes I got used to it. The right trigger fires your weapon and the left trigger throws grenades like in the Halo games. The analog sticks move your character and let you aim and also are used to crouch and zoom your weapons. You can also melee attack with a weapon. The button to reload is not the same as in Halo and it takes a little getting used to the new button assignment. The D-pad changes your weapons and the up arrow of the D-pad changes your firing mode. You get access to the AK-47 like weapon after you blow the door down. This weapon has three firing modes.(full auto, semi auto and single shot) The enemy AI is also quite good. The enemies will take cover often and will try to flush you out. You also have squad mates that will help you out. They are not in the demo that long though since the demo pretty much ends shortly after meeting up with them. Overall I am very excited about the release of Black later this month. I'll be playing more of the demo just to see what other stuff I can blow up.


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