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Thursday, January 05, 2006

World of Warcraft War Effort Quests

Recently war effort quests have been added to World of Warcraft. These quests are very cool. They are quests that require a player to bring various materials to NPCs. These materials are usually crafted or farmed from the game world. I think this is a cool idea because they have NPCs that will take the most basic form of a crafted material. For example if you just started skinning you can turn in light leather and if you are a medic you can turn in linen bandages. Higher level creations like silk bandages and heavy leather are also taken. When you complete a quest you get points that can be spent on your reputation to various groups. I also think this is a cool idea because nobody is left out. People new to crafting can participate and so can experienced crafters. I also feel it helps the community grow. You can meet a lot of new players if you want to buy materials or crafted goods for the war effort.


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