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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Star Wars Purge(Warning...Spoilers)

I just picked up the one-shot of Star Wars Purge from Dark Horse Comics. This comic basically consists of Darth Vader owning the hell out of a bunch of Jedi. The coolest part of this comic is when Vader gets his hand cut off while holding a normal looking sword. He then says he surrenders but some of the Jedi know it is a trick. Still one Jedi does not listen and jumps at Vader to kill him. Vader uses a Force Grab to pick up his severed hand with the sword still in it and then uses a Force Push to slam the hand with sword in its grasp into the attacking Jedi's chest. It looks awesome. Here are some pictures from the comic:

The Cover:
Image hosting by TinyPic

Vader gets hid hand cut off:
Image hosting by TinyPic

Vader says he surrenders:
Image hosting by TinyPic

Vader uses his own severed hand to kill a Jedi:
Image hosting by TinyPic


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