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Monday, January 16, 2006

80's Cover Band At The Club

I just got back from seeing a local 80's cover band called Latex Limousine at a club in town. I've seen then once before last Halloween. They rock at covering some great songs from the 80's. On the web site the club encouraged everybody to dress in 80's style and if you did you got a cheaper cover charge. I dressed kind of in a Miami Vice style shirt, brown slacks, loafers, sunglasses, a blue plastic bracelet and even included a cheesy medallion on a chain. The show was great and the band let people from the audience sing on stage with them. They are a three piece band and one of the guitarists said he was losing his voice because he just got over a cold. I decided to be the first one to try to sing with then and sang Jesse's Girl. Finally singing that song many times on Karaoke Revolution Volume 2 actually paid off. Not really but it was a blast though. One guy in the audience then came up to me and said I had some "Huge f---ing balls." A few other people also got on stage after I got the ball rolling. I then sang one more song. I sang You've Got Another Thing Comin'. That was even more fun than Jesse's Girl. I learned how to sing that song from playing a lot of Grand Theft Auto Vice City and Guitar Hero. It all made for an awesome night. Here are some pictures of my 80's suit.


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