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Thursday, December 22, 2005

My Next Best Shot At An Xbox 360

I'll be going to Denver tomorrow and hopefully I'll be able to find a store with some 360's in stock. I don't really expect any to have any in stock though but I'll never know unless I check. I tried to get one at launch and couldn't get one. The local Target and Wal-Mart only got about 10 systems each. The Wal-Mart opened at midnight to sell systems but they put a sing-up sheet out at like 4 in the afternoon which I think was lame. They should have put the sheet up before they re-opened and not like 6 hours before. That way people could just sing up, go home, and come back and be guaranteed a system. I mean give everybody a fair shot. Anyway I'll be trying to get one tomorrow and with any luck(and I'm sure I'll need it) I'll be playing Perfect Dark Zero tomorrow night. :)


  • Hey bro, I've got an extra one that will be here on finday. Its the premium system with extra control (wirless) Ten games, I'll type the titles if youre interested, and I'll throw in a limited edition series one face plate, the desert camo one....I got the jungle camo for mine that way I can hide it in the bushes so my wife can't find it and throw it I've already got the shipping conformation from target and it is two day delivery.I live in Phoenix so mailing it to col. should take no time. Let me know.
    Good luck tomarrow or this morning either way.

    By Blogger my 2 cents, no refunds, at 1:13 AM  

  • No thanks, I'll find one soon enough. And hopefully by then most of the bugs will be worked out.

    By Blogger IceWarm, at 5:04 PM  

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