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Monday, December 19, 2005

My 2005 Video Game Awards

Best RPG:

Dragon Quest VIII-Journey of The Cursed King

A great RPG with a beautiful visual style and simple RPG gameplay.

Runner up-Jade Empire

Best Action Game:

God of War

Hack and slash gameplay that never quits and the chain blades make for some insane combos.

Runner up-Devil May Cry 3

Best Arcade Racing Game:

Mario Kart DS

All the classic Mario Kart action you’d expect with an awesome online mode and a collection of tracks from previous games.

Runner up-Burnout Revenge

Best Simulation Racer:

Forza Motorsport

Runner up-Gran Turismo 4

Best Sports Game:

Fight Night Round 2

Great boxing game that improves upon the original in many ways. You can now play as the cut man and also includes a great online experience.

Runner up-NBA Street Volume 3

Best Adventure Game:

Indigo Prophecy

The adventure genre re-invented with many possible ways to complete the game and a very intuitive interface.

Runner up-Shadow of The Colossus

Best Action-Adventure Game:

Prince of Persia-The Two Thrones

There is a much larger emphasis on platforming and puzzle solving than Warrior Within. It also features quick kills and the Dagger of Time returns.

Runner up-Psychonauts

Best First Person Shooter:


One of the scariest games I've ever played but it is a very solid first person shooter with some great AI and Matrix-esque slow motion. It also included a great multiplayer element that even lets you use the slow-mo online.

Runner up-Battlefield 2

Best Simulation Game:

The Movies

For all those film buffs that have ever wanted to run their own film studio but don't have a spare billion dollars this one is for you.

Runner up-Playboy The Mansion(Seriously putting the magazine together was fun, but the rest sucked) :)

Best Graphics:

Resident Evil 4

RE4 looked great on the Gamecube and shows what level of graphics can be done still in the current generation and especially on the Cube.

Runner up-Battlefield 2

Best Handheld Game:

Mario Kart DS

This year was a great year for handheld games. We got two great puzzle games in Lumines and Meteos. Quick play games in WarioWare Touched and Nintendogs. A console quality version of GTA in Liberty City Stories. Great racing games in the form of Burnout Legends but I have to go with Mario Kart DS. It is perfect for a handheld. You can play a race or two and then turn it off. Plus the internet play is awesome.

Runner up-Lumines

Best Puzzle Game:


Simple to learn and tough to master, this is what makes a puzzle game great. Also the music is affected on how you are playing.

Runner up-Meteos

Best Strategy Game:

Age of Empires 3

The graphics look great and the new Home City feature adds some cool new gameplay elements into this strategy game.

Runner up-Metal Gear Acid

Best Party Game:

Guitar Hero

If you have two guitar controllers you can rock out with your friends in this awesome game. Even with one controller you can have a blast with your friends. Several classic songs will have you feeling like a rock star. Groupies not included. :)

Runner up-Karaoke Revolution Party

Best Platforming Game:

Sly 3-Honor Among Thieves

Excellent platforming with very cool characters and a nice cartoon looking graphical style. Also you can play some levels in 3D with the included 3D glasses if you want.

Runner up-Prince of Persia-The Two Thrones

Best Art Direction:

Shadow of The Colossus

The game is absolutely beautiful and plays just as well. Each Colossus is a masterpiece and the scenery is just as beautiful.

Runner up-Dragon Quest VIII-Journey of The Cursed King

Most Overlooked Game:


A great game that got very good reviews but just did not sell very well. This is a shame because the game is awesome, contains Tim Schafer's brand of humor and plays a lot like a cross between a Tim Schafer adventure and a platformer.

Runner up-Shadow of The Colossus

Best PSP Game:


Great puzzler and everybody knows puzzle games and handheld systems go together like peas and carrots, or peanut butter and chocolate.

Runner up-Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories

Best DS Game:

Mario Kart DS

Same reason it got best handheld game.

Runner up-Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow.

Best Playstation 2 Game:

God of War

One of the best looking PS2 games and it was a blast to play. Awesome boss battles as well.

Runner up-Guitar Hero

Best Xbox Game:

Forza Motorsport

It took many things from Gran Turismo and improved on them in great ways. Also included an insane amount of car customization, car damage and online play through Xbox Live.

Runner up-Half-Life 2

Best Gamecube Game:

Resident Evil 4

Changed everything about what an RE game is. It changed the camera system to make it easier to play, added some quick press buttons to dodge attacks or other dangers, and a new aiming system. Also the story is way different from the previous games.

Runner up-Mario Superstar Baseball

Best Multiplayer Game:

Battlefield 2

Great squad based first person shooter that focuses on team play. Also if you are not good with a gun you can still help out with various helper units such as the medic, support, or engineer. Also includes a commander mode that plays more like an RTS and lets you call in artillery strikes and supply drops.

Runner up-Burnout Revenge

Best Beat-Um-Up Game:

The Warriors

Simple yet effective fighting system. Tons of weapons to find and a lot of characters on screen at once makes for a hell of a beat-um-up.

Runner up-Mortal Kombat-Shaolin Monks

Best Fighting Game:

Soul Calibur 3

More characters, character creation mode, all the awesome fighting you'd expect from a Soul Calibur game and a ton of stuff to unlock make SC3 a keeper.

Runner up-Tekken 5

Best Stealth Action Game:

Splinter Cell-Chaos Theory

The major improvement to the third Splinter Cell is that you can now kill guards and not fail a mission. This opened up many new ways to play. You can still be all stealthy and play it like the older Splinter Cell games or you could go and kill off any guards that got in your way. Also the online mode was improved with an added co-op mode.

Runner up-Metal Gear Acid(More stealth strategy but still stealth nonetheless.)

Game of The Year:

Resident Evil 4

It changed what an RE game is and I think really took everybody by surprise. Great graphics, great gameplay, new camera and aiming system. Game of The Year in my opinion.

Runner up-God of War

Best Movie:

Batman Begins

What a Batman movie should be. Covers more of Bruce Wayne's back story that the others, has some great action scenes, great acting and overall a great story.

And now for my least favorite game of 2005...Killer 7. I just hated this game. The controls were lame, the linear hallways were lame, and the puzzles were lame as well. I really hated the way you moved your character in the game. You hold down the A button on the Gamecube controller to move forward and to turn around you hit the B button and then hit A again. Also the game was on rails the whole time and when I mean on rails I mean on freaking rails. You moved along the path the developers wanted you to and you can only move forward and backward, no side to side or anything like that.


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