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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Aeon Flux

I decided to go and see the new Aeon Flux movie this weekend. It was not all that great but it wasn't terrible either. However the movie is very confusing. It looks like they tried to cram a lot of the content from the animated series into one movie and that makes it very confusing. Also in the animated show I though Brenga and Monica were separate cities divided by walls. In the movie there is only one city and the Monicans are just a group of people rebelling against the Goodchild regime. Also the whole plot element of finding a cure for some disease gets pretty confusing as well. Also there was not quite enough action in the movie. The shootout at the end of the movie is the biggest chunk of action in the movie and even then it was not that action packed. Overall the movie was very confusing but was still watch able. You may want to watch the animated series collection on DVD before seeing the movie. It may help with some of the plot elements and make the movie a little less confusing. Not necessarily something that has to be seen in the theater but will be worth at least a rental when it comes to DVD.


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