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Monday, November 14, 2005

Karaoke Revolution Party

I picked this game up today and so far I am having a blast with it. The game is improved upon and it shows. Now you can sing and dance if you have a DDR pad. You can also now create your own characters and it also supports the EyeToy to put your own face in the game. This feature was kind of hard to use since you have to set up the points on your face perfectly or the program will tell you to fix them. The graphics are also noticeably better in this version. This has been the first Karaoke Revolution game since last year and the extra development time shows in the overall game. The first three games came out within a year of each other and this version shows what the extra development time did. There are more songs in this version, more modes, character creation, tons of unlockables and the new Diamond record class. The previous games only had gold and platinum records. The Diamond record is received when you get a perfect score on a song which is about 50,000 points. This adds some replay value to the game by giving players incentive to score perfect on songs. The music selection is also quite good with songs from many decades. You get a lot of modern songs but you also get access to classics like "I Left My Heart In San Francisco" and "That's Amore." You also get songs like "Material Girl", "Play That Funky Music", "What I Like About You", and "Start Me Up" just to name a few. There are also a good amount of "party" modes you can play with your friends. If you've liked any of the other Karaoke Revolution games this one is another great addition to the series and is highly recommended.


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