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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Battlefield 2 Special Forces

I recently bought and downloaded the Special Forces expansion from EA. I installed it last night and fired it up. The game adds some new factions like the British SAS, Russian Spetsnaz, and a couple rebel/insurgent forces. There are also new weapons. Some of the SAS guns are pretty cool. Also the anti-tank weapon for the insurgent forces is more like a regular rocket launcher than the one that the US, Chinese, and Middle Eastern factions have. Night vision has also been included. The support units now also have a tear gas launcher. You can of course use a gas mask to prevent the gas from giving you the disorientation effects. Some of the coolest stuff are the grappling hooks and zip lines. If you want to climb a wall just toss a grappling hook over it. Or if you want to get from a higher location to a far away lower location quickly you can use a zip line. This makes getting from location to location a lot faster and safer than running through an open battlefield. There are new maps as well. My favorite map is called Warlord and it is a city like map that puts the SAS against the insurgents who have taken control of a palace area. You can also now drive ATVs. They are pretty fast and are a good addition to the game. This is highly recommended for Battlefield 2 fans.


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