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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Shadow of The Colossus And Burnout Revenge Demos

In the latest issue of the Official US Playstation Magazine(October 2005) there are demos of both Shadow of The Colossus and Burnout Revenge. Here are my thoughts on both.

Shadow of The Colossus: The graphics looked really nice and the game played very well. Reflecting the sun light to find out where to go and where the weakness of the Colossus is a cool gameplay element. I also liked the epic feel when climbing the Colossus. The things are so huge it is almost scary. You play a this one character and you are basically a speck compared to the Colossus. It just makes you feel so small when you are climbing up the Colossus. Overall the demo has left me wanting more and I am looking forward to the final version.

Burnout Revenge: I loved Burnout 3-Takedown and the demo of Burnout Revenge has me very excited. Being to now hit cars without crashing is very cool. Also I loved the crash breakers you can now use in race mode. This adds a big twist to the gameplay and a cool way to take out your opponents. Also the sense of speed is just as good as it was in Burnout 3. This is one of the games I've been looking forward to all year. I'll probably get the Xbox version since burnout 3 was so fun on Xbox Live.


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