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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Bungie Should Ban Mass Suiciders In Halo 2

I hate playing a team game in Halo 2 where somebody on my team just kills themselves over and over. These people should be banned from Xbox Live in my opinion. Many of them have multiple accounts. They use one account to help boost their friends' accounts by playing on the other team and killing themselves over and over so the other team their friend is playing on wins and boosts their rank. I was playing last night where one person was doing this and he said something about not caring about the account he was playing on. I then asked if he did not care about that account how come he just does not cancel it. He said he was doing it to boost his other account. Now people like that should be banned from Xbox Live without question. They screw up the scoring for the team they play on and they just ruin the game for the people who play it fair.


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