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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

1998 Was Indeed The Greatest Year In Gaming

I'd been reflecting back to 1998 ever since the 1998 episode of Cinematech was announced. I got to thinking about all the great games that came out that year and agree that 1998 was the greatest gaming year ever. Lets take a look at some great titles from 1998:

The Legend of Zelda-The Ocarina of Time - The best Zelda yet in my opinion and it was the first game I actually said looked beautiful.

Metal Gear Solid - The second game I said was beautiful(I played it after Zelda) The game that pretty much brought the stealth genre into 3D and is pretty much what most other 3D stealth games since have been based on.

Half-Life - The first person shooter that really got me back into the genre. For a long time most FPS games were basically the same, kill stuff, get a key, open door, repeat. Half-Life included various puzzles and a great story to make one of the greatest games of all time. The only other single-player FPS I've liked more is Half-Life 2.

Unreal - A good FPS that started the Unreal franchise.

Starcraft - The best real time strategy game ever in my opinion. I enjoyed many hours opf single-player and multiplayer on this game.

Grim Fandango - A great adventure game by Tim Schafer and Lucasarts which brough the point and click adventure into 3D for the first time with Lucasarts. Great film noir like story.

Pokemon - I enjoyed Pokemon, not everybody did but the first two games(Red and Blue) moved a lot of Gameboy units. It can be seen as to the Gameboy what Nintendogs is to the DS in Japan.

Takken 3 - The last really good Tekken game in my opinion. 4 was not that great, 5 was pretty good but 3 is my favorite.

Star Wars Rogue Squadron - One of my favorite Star Wars games. You get to fly tons of ships from the Star Wars universe and it also included some cool battles from the classic trilogy like the Death Star attack run, and the Battle of Hoth. it was also one of the first games to use the N64 expansion pack.

Devil Dice - A great puzzler for the Playstation and very addicting.

These are just some of the games that made 1998 so great. 1998 was also mostly a software year. Companies relied more on great titles rather than flashy technology. This of course is just my opinion.


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