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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Where Mortal Kombat Went Wrong

I was watching Icons on G4 a couple days ago and they had an episode on Mortal Kombat. Throughout the episode it was said by many people thought Mortal Kombat went downhill at MK3. I have to agree to a point. Having to learn combos made the game more frustrating. However it still had all the stuff that made MK2 so great. I think the series went more downhill with MK4. First off it totally changed the game to a 3D model. 3D worked all right with the MK series but I think it was too early to really put the series into 3D. And the major reason I feel it went more downhill than MK3 was the fact they removed the Friendships and Babalities. Those two elements added a lot of replay value to MK2 and 3. I was pretty disappointed they were removed form MK4. So in my opinion MK4 went more downhill than MK3 did.


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