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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I Just Rented Advent Rising And...

This game is a piece of crap! Almost everything I played in this game was done very poorly. First off you have to pilot your ship into the space dock. Simple enough right? Wrong! First they don't tell you where in the hell you need to go. I mean a mini-map would've been nice. It took me a few tries to find the dock. Everything I though was the dock was not. Next is the character models in the actual gameplay mode. The character you play as looks more lanky than Waluigi. Also the way he moves around is lame too. And the same thing with the docking mission is when you have an objective you are given little information on where you need to go. Then the combat is pretty lame as well. The auto-targeting system is OK but it still feels very cumbersome. Also equipping weapons is kind of weird. They used the same button to equip a weapon as the dodge button. So if you are running by a weapon and wanting to pick it up quickly your character will dodge instead. The story is also lacking considering it was co-written by Orson Scott Card. The only thing that really stands out as being good about this game is the music. The music is very orchestral and sounds good, too bad the rest of the game is mostly crap.


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